What did you learn from your worst travel experience?

ordeal or adventureWhat’s your worst travel experience? Lost luggage…crappy hotel room…missed flights…Montezuma’s revenge? I once spent a night on a roll-away in a hotel meeting room in Hong Kong l because there were no rooms at the inn. Got so sick on Malaysian food that I lost five pounds in one day. Tagged along on a fishing trip to Alaska where nearly everything went wrong. But you know what? It all made for great stories, insight into my flexibility and my traveling companion’s ability to go with the flow. What’s your worst travel story and what did you learn from it?


Destination: Healthy Travel

Laze-about vacations are nice, no doubt about itgods pocket tofino 017. But a vacation that gives your thrills, takes off pounds, stretches your limits or gets adrenalin pumping is ever-so-much better. Read the article I wrote for InHealth magazine about great getaways that will have you patting yourself on the back for what you just accomplished instead of showing off your tan lines.


Read, imagine yourself there, then check out: river rafting and yoga with ROW; finding your inner cowgirl at Red Horse Mountain Ranch; hiking and soaking on the Olympic Peninsula; fine food and fitness at Mountain Trek; spinning your wheels on an Adventure Cycling trip; helping out on the farm at Sakura Ridge.