Great Books for Travelers


There’s nothing like books to inspire us to look deeply into other cultures, motivate us to get off the beaten path, offer a new perspective on foreign lands and the people who live there. Here are some of my favorites:

Travelers’ Tales: A Woman’s World
Edited by Mary Beth Bond. Published by Travelers’ Tales, Inc.
This book gives chick lit a kick in the pants. Fifty-six stories by top female writers who’ve circled the globe and loved every minute of it. Even during the “worst” of times.

Monkey Dancing
By Daniel Glick. Public Affairs Books.
Dan Glick chose an unusual way to work through divorce and single parenthood. He packed his suitcase, gathered his two kids, and took off for a five-month journey around the world. As others have said before him, “the journey is the destination.”

The Gift of Travel – The Best of Travelers’ Tales
Published by Travelers’ Tales, Inc.
Travelers—as opposed to tourists—journey for the thrill of it, knowing they are learning new things about the world and themselves with each trans-ocean flight, each jitney ride, each person met, each new food sampled. Jump aboard this wonderful anthology of stories from the road.

Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo. Published by Travelers’ Tales, Inc.
Sarah Vowell, Sandra Tsing Loh, Anne Lamott and over 20 other women travelers share their misadventures from Abu Dhabi to Zambia.

Honeymoon with My Brother – A Memoir
By Franz Wisner. Published by St. Martin’s Griffin.
Franz Wisner wasn’t just left at the altar, he was left holding prepaid tickets for a Costa Rican honeymoon. Most of us would have a good cry then attempt to ring a refund out of the airlines and hotels, but Wisner decided to go anyway. With his brother. The pair had so much fun they quit their jobs and extended the “honeymoon” into a 53-country, two-year adventure.

Bill Bryson’s African Diary
By Bill Bryson. Published by Broadway Books.
Always irreverent and insightful, Bryson goes one better in his Kenya journal. He’s profoundly moved by the people, the landscape and the poverty; you will be, too. All royalties and profits from the sale of this book are donated to CARE, International.



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